Rannoch has some of the best highland scenery, with remote lochs and rugged mountains, moorland and seclusion this is it, the Rannoch region has much to offer.

Have a look at the Rannoch & Tummel Tourism site for more information about this beautiful area of Highland Perthshire  www.rannochscotland.co.uk  

Storm on Loch Rannoch (32 secs long)


Loch Rannoch Clan Trail

Early accounts of Rannoch, give an overriding picture of lawlessness in a very hard evironment. Before 1700s the people lived in stone built huts with walls about five feet high, the roof was of heather and turf, with a small... READ MORE


Kinloch Rannoch and Tummel

There is a place named Rannoch and another called Tummel in Canada. Rannoch and Tummel must have some of the very best scenery you will find anywhere in Scotland. The area has always been quite remote due to its terrain from... READ MORE