Pitlochry is the largest town in Highland Perthshire with a residential population of some 2,500 inhabitants, and peaking at 5,000 people during the tourist season. Pitlochry came to prominence as a result of the railway and Queen Victoria’s doctor advising people the air in Pitlochry was good for their health.

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A Pitlochry holiday is popular with many people who visit Highland Perthshire‘s largest town each year. Pitlochry is situated on the main A9 road connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh to Inverness in the north and the main rail line too. A popular tourist town known for its salmon fish ladder and its ‘Theatre in the Hills’.


Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder Walk

The Pitlochry Dam and Fish Ladder walk starts in Atholl Road, Pitlochry's main street, where the bulk of the shops, restaurant and some of the Pitlochry Hotels and B&Bs are located. There are a variety of shops in Atholl Road, from small independent... READ MORE


The Pitlochry Historic Trail

Pitlochry Historic Trail short 2 mile walk back in time How the Trail was formed - The trail was set up as part of the Pitlochry and District Tourism Management Programme with the assistance of Scottish Enterprise Tayside and the help of... READ MORE


Pitlochry is Highland Perthshire’s largest town

Pitlochry is the place name for four other places around the world, (two in north America, one in Australia), this is the original Pitlochry. It started as a crossroads after General Wade built his new military road here in 1728. It originally consisted of three... READ MORE