The ancient town of Dunkeld

There are six Dunkelds' around the world (one in north America, one in South Africa and three in Australia). This is the original Dunkeld, located in a place of great natural beauty on the banks of the mighty River Tay, it can trace its origins back to 6th century, when followers of St Columba are reputed to have established a monastery here.

Dunkeld Cathedral was built in the 13th century and is a wonderful place to visit, with its location on the River Tay, with large lawns and well established trees adding to the magnificence of the setting.

The original town lying to the north of the Cathedral, was destroyed by the Jacobite army, during the Battle of Dunkeld in 1689. The new town, as we see it today was built east of the Cathedral, so as not to obscure the site of Dunkeld Cathedral from the then residence of the Dukes of Atholl.

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Great credit must be given to the National Trust for Scotland for saving large areas of Dunkeld from demolition in 1953.By this time many of the 18th century buildings were in a poor state of repair and a local poll voted in favour of their destruction. At the very last minute the National Trust for Scotland produced a rescue package that saved many of the houses for domestic use in Cathedral Street and the Cross. The National Trust continues to play an important roll in Dunkeld and has its offices located in the Square.

The town is well worth a visit. Allow yourselves at least a morning or afternoon, to visit the cathedral, wander the streets and see the 18th century buildings, before you stop off at many of the independent retailers who add so much to your trip.