Dunkeld and Birnam

Dunkeld and Birnam in Scotland is very special place, with Dunkeld once the home to the head of the church in Scotland, a pictish fort and now a Cathedral on the banks of the River Tay has much to offer.

YouTube logo On YOU TUBE – Santa arrives to see the children in Dunkeld (5mins 28 secs) – Each year Santa and his reindeer visit Dunkeld just before Christmas.

YouTube logo On YOU TUBE – Dunkeld Bridge Bicentinary (9mins 44 secs)  The Atholl Highlanders commemorate the 200 year aniversay of Thomas Telford’s Bridge in Dunkeld on the 12th September 2009

Have a look at the local Tourism Association web site http://www.dunkeldandbirnam.co.uk/


Dunkeld Bridge to Dunkeld Cathedral Historic Trail Walk

Dunkeld Bridge to Dunkeld CathedralHistoric Trail Walk. Start at Dunkeld Bridge opposite the Atholl Arms Hotel in Dunkeld. One of the best ways to get to know Dunkeld is by learning a bit about its history via a short historic trail... READ MORE


The ancient town of Dunkeld

There are six Dunkelds' around the world (one in north America, one in South Africa and three in Australia). This is the original Dunkeld, located in a place of great natural beauty on the banks of the mighty River Tay, it can trace... READ MORE


Dunkeld “the Fort of the Celts”

Dunkeld its early history and the Cathedral. Dunkeld "the Fort of the Celts", is situated on the southern bank of the River Tay in a location rich in natural resources, and has had a settlement since ancient times. Dunkeld guarded one... READ MORE