Aberfeldy a short history

There are five Aberfeldy's across the world today. (Two in North America, one in South Africa and another in Australia).

This is the original Aberfeldy, there is evidence that Aberfeldy the town, dates back to 1796, when building leases were granted. The town of Aberfeldy did not exist when General Wade replaced the ferry with a bridge over the Tay in 1733. For 10 long years General Wade built a network of roads and bridges across the Highlands, he considered his Aberfeldy  bridge to be his greatest achievement.

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The Black Watch Regiment was first assembled near Wades Bridge in May 1740, again prior to the existence of the town of Aberfeldy. These first Black Watch soldiers assembled on a piece of land that is part of Aberfeldy Golf Course today.

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It would appear that the Breadalbane Estate Factors' had a big part to play in the formation of the town called Aberfeldy - making a plan for the town or village east of the Moness Burn. There were cotton mills powered by water from the Moness Burn, these mills went out of existence in 1810. A grain mill was built in the town powered by the Moness Burn in 1825.

Further developments of the town took it westwards. The railway reached the town in 1865. Aberfeldy had its first town council in 1887 responsible for 'lighting, cleansing, paving, draining, supplying water and public health'. In 1975 the Aberfeldy Town Council was abolished as part of the nation-wide local government reorganisation and was replaced by the Aberfeldy Community Council, which exists to this day.