Blair Castle International Horse Trials, Country Fair

Blair Castle International Horse Trials, Country Fair

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Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair - Scotland's leading equestrian event

show-jumping-below-castle.jpgEach August sees four days of top class equestrian eventing alongside the very popular Bruardar Counrty Fair. The Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair attracts in excess of 37,000 visitors each August to see top Olympic medallists compete alongside amateurs in the four International event

The Bruadar Country Fair, renowned for it's shopping! A large shopping village harbours all sorts of attractions and bargains in almost 200 stands.  Visitors comment on the wide range of trade stands, and the trade exhibitors themselves clearly appreciate the event and the enthusiastic shoppers as they recently voted Blair the BETA Joules Equestrian Event of the Year at the BETA Gala Awards 2010.

blair-castle-water-jump.jpgThe three-day eventing, of Blair Castle International Horse Trials, provides a comprehensive test of all round ability for horse and rider. Despite being called 'three-day eventing, the modern sport usually takes place over four days, as it the dressage phase takes two days to complete.

The sport was originally developed as a military event, drawing on the requirements for an Officer's charger - steadiness on parade, the ability to cross the country at speed in battle and the fitness needed to carry on with duties the following day.

The sport has evolved from the original military requirements tobliar-country-fair.jpg the three modern-day disciplines that we see today - dressage, cross country and show jumping. Known as Concours Complet International, or CCI, the modern international three-day event is overseen by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), riders and their horses must be highly skilled in all three disciplines.

Bruadar, the taste of 'The Great Outdoors', sponsors the Country Fair which plays a huge role in the event - non-horsey members of the family can rest assured that Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair is not solely about horses. Almost 200 trade stands offer something for all tastes and all budgets: bespoke jblair-country-fair-swings.jpgewellery, fine art, country and casual clothing, everything you could possibly want for horses or hounds, horseboxes, 4x4s... the list is endless. A large food hall has plenty to tempt the tastebuds, including handmade chocolates, organic meat, fine wines, cheeses and more.

Admission - Adults require a standard admission ticket to gain entry to the event - they can be purchased in advance, saving you up to 20%, or on the gate. Children 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult, so don't need a ticket to the Blair Castle International Horse Trials and Country Fair.

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