Atholl Gathering and Highland Games

Atholl Gathering and Highland Games

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The Atholl Gathering and Highland Games

Duke of Atholl opens the Atholl Highland GamesAtholl Gathering Highland Games takes place on the opening weekend of the Scottish Highland Games calendar, on the last Bank holiday weekend in May.

The Atholl Highland Games are hosted by the Duke of Atholl, they incorporate many of the time honoured traditions of a Highland Gathering, when feats of strength and endurance which tested by its clan members. 

The Atholl Gathering and Highland Games are a small gathering not so commercialised as so many are today. If you are looking to attend a highland games which has many of the old traditions, this must be one of the best games in the Scottish games calendar.

The games arena is a short distance from Blair Castle, it has a small rise in the ground beside the arena providing an excellent vantage point, ideal if you wish to enjoy a picnic and endless entertainment. There truly can not be a better spot any where else in Scotland on a good sunny day.

Atholl Gathering and Highland Games on You Tube

12 mins 29 secs of the 2012 Atholl Highland Games and Gathering with the 12th Duke of Atholl, Bruce Murray as Chieftain along with his private army, the Atholl Highlanders and their  pipes and drums, who are such a feature of the games.


Highland Games

1-atholl-highlanders-games.jpgHighland Games date back many centuries, with most of the events tracing their roots back to ancient Scottish battle weapons and fighting techniques.

Highland Games today are a way of celebrating Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage, particularly in relation to the Scottish Highlands. The highland games include bagpipe and highland dance competitions, the wearing of the kilt and tartan (which was forbidden after the defeat of the Jacobites at Culloden in 1746), and the strong men compete in the heavy events, which include caber toss, shot putting (the Atholl Gathering uses a stone in the traditional way) and hammer (again a traditional hammer is used). Both these events have been incorporated in to the modern world of athletics and the Olympic Games.

2014 Atholl Gathering Winners - A list of all the winners for the various competitions help at the 25th May 2014 games.

Atholl Gathering and Highland Games times

13-throwing-weight.jpgarbroath smokies at the Atholl Highland Games and GatheringGates to the Atholl Gathering and Highland Games open in the morning, starting with the local Perthshire 'heavies' competing. The Atholl Highlanders march on the games field with their cannon around 1pm and the Duke opens the games following time honoured customs, shortly after this. There is plenty of entertainment including highland dancing events, tug o' war, solo piping, trade stands and refreshments provide a fun day out for the whole family.

Atholl Gathering and Highland Games 2012 Admission charges: Adults £7, Seniors £5, Children 5-16 year £3. Under 5s FREE. Parking FREE.

For more information on the Atholl Gathering and Highland Games, please contact the Blair Castle offices on 01796 481 207. 

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