Birnam Highland Games

Birnam Highland Games

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The Birnam Highland Games

The Birnam Highland Games Chieftain heads the pipe band across Dunkeld Bridge to the gamnes field

Held on the last Saturday of August each year, the day begins with the games chieftain Thomas Fotheringham leading the Blairgowrie and Rattray Pipe Band and Atholl Highlanders from the Square in Dunkeld across the Thomas Telford Bridge to Little Dunkeld and onto the games field where the Atholl Highlanders Cannon is fired to mark the start of the games.

There is piping competitions, highland dancing and the  heavy weight events - tossing the caber and weights that run throughout the day.

There are running events, and the World Haggis Eating Championships, stalls, and games and a geat 'local feeling' about the whole games.

Birnam Highland Games on You Tube
The Birnam Highland Games on You Tube (6mins 27 secs)


What makes the games so special is the compact and intimate size of the games field. It must be one of the most compact Highland Games in Scotland, heavily supported by locals and not commercialised as some highland games can be, giving it that friendly local feel.

The highlights of the Birnam Highland Games, is the games chieftain at the head of the Blairgowrie and Rattray Highland Games and Atholl Highlanders as they march from the Square in Dunkeld, over Dunkeld Bridge, to the games field.

The Birnam Highland Games commentator is special, with a wealth of local knowledge he talks you through all the events and must be one of the best commentators around. He keeps everyone informed as to what is going on and why, also he seems to know all the competitors names, so a race is greatly enhanced by his enthusiastic comentary through the loud speakers system, telling everyone how the race is progressing.5-birnam-games-hammer-throw.jpg

The Birnam Highland Games have the World Haggis each Championship - open to everyone attracting large crowds. The only criticism of the event is that the three and four deep spectators lining the arena fence can not see what is going on for the TV and camera crews that line the front of the haggis eating championship table. A small criticism of an excellent highland games.

The Birnam Highland Games brochure is well worth buying, very well put together, lots of really useful information, one of the best around.


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