Legends of Grandtully

Legends of Grandtully

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Legends of Grandtully

Legends has three seperate offerings all in one location. The Coffee House, the Showrooms and the Scottish Chocolate Centre.The-Highland-Chocolatier---.jpg

Highland Chocolatier on You Tube
A short You Tube video
(1 min 40 secs) introducing you to Legends of Grandtully and the Highland Chocolatier.

The Scottish Chocolate Centre, run by Iain Burnett, Chocolates.jpg known as 'The Highland Chocolatier', an award-winning artisan chocolatier having trained under Master Chocolatiers of the Belgian, Swiss and French schools. He initially started working from his specially designed chocolate kitchen in Highland Perthshire to provide top Scottish chefs with gourmet chocolates of a quality unavailable elsewhere. He is now able to share with all his customers the outstanding textures and flavours created in this gourmet range of chocolates - freshly and elegantly hand-crafted with natural local ingredients at a price which is not elitist.

Just-chocolate.jpgWelcome to the new online chocolate store for Iain Burnett's exquisite gourmet chocolates. The Highland Chocolatier's chocolate gift delivery service will bring something special to your plans this season. Elegant parties? Fine dining? Chocolates which are winning awards from the UK's top chefs will add more than a sparkle!  Click on "Truffle & Pralines" on the left for his reknowned presentation boxes.

ITruffles.jpgain Burnett's specialty is the award-winning Velvet Truffle™ - un-enrobed soft truffles usually dusted in cocoa powder for a rustic look and served with a special truffle fork. They recently took the Scottish Excellence Award for Best Foodservice Product of the Year. They can be various sizes and finishes from a rectangular palet dusted in red cocoa to a square of complementary white ganache. Surprisingly they are more economical than other gourmet chocolates which must be dipped in chocolate.

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