Loch Rannoch Clan Trail

Loch Rannoch Clan Trail

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The Loch Rannoch Clan Trail.

rannoch-clan-trail-marker.jpgEarly accounts of Rannoch, give an overriding picture of lawlessness in a very hard evironment. Before 1700s the people lived in stone built huts with walls about five feet high, the roof was of heather and turf, with a small hole to let the smoke from their peat fires out. The floor was earth, with very little furniture may be a wooden stool, the bed was heather bracken as the mattress on the floor in the corner.

It was a very tough environment to live, the land as it is today was poor, rocky and marshy, with many culltivating land high on the hill side as this was the only dry land they could find.

highland-resting-stone-rann.jpgCattle were the main form of farming, the crops were very meagre. High up in the hills are the remains of sheilings, the summer residences, where the women and children would spend the summer months with the cattle, this custom prevailed at Rannoch until the mid 19th century.

The Clan Trail

The Clan Trail consists of a series (seven) information points, which are clearly marked by a marked beside the road, where you can stop and learn a little bit of the stories from the past and the different clans that once inhabited the area. Down load the Loch Rannoch Highland Clan Trail leaflet.


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