The Pitlochry Tartan

The Pitlochry Tartan

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The Pitlochry Tartan Story

pitlochry-tartan.jpgThe Pitlochry fashion-models.jpgTartan was launched in March 2010 with a fashion show featuring some of Highland Perthshire's most promising young models. The orginal idea came from Janet Washington of Claire Charles Designs supportrd by Kathleen Scott as Chair of Pitlochry Community Council.

The Pitlochry Tartan uses colours that are seen when you visit Highland Perthshire, blue, green and purple with a white and gold strip. Purple represents the Heather, Green for the Woodlands, Dark Blue the Lochs and Light Blue the Rivers, Gold for the Autumn leaves.

You-Tube-Logo.jpgOn YOU TUBE - Pitlochry Tartan Story on You Tube, video clip of Janet Washington telling the story of why and how she designed the tartan. (3mins 10 sec)

All about Tartan Sashes

YOU TUBE video series telling all about tartan sashes, the traditions and protocols PLUS how to tie them in different styles, by Janet Washington of Claire Charles Designs Tel 01796 473787

Launch of the Pitlochry Tartan.

In March 2010 the was a tartan fashion show at the Atholl Palace Hotel, Pitlochry - many of the images you can see in the photo Gallery were taken by Eileen Owens of Aldclune, Killiecrankie.

On Sunday 24th October 2010, the Pitlochry Tartan was Officially Launched by 'The donaghies-of-killiecrankie.jpgHighland Fashion Fling' at Fishers Hotel in Pitlochry. Over 200 people attended, with standing room only for many, as they were treated to a show that really fitted this important occassion. There are a few images taken by Kathleen Rattray of Killiecrankie in the photo gallery of this show, unfortunately the lighting in the room was not conducive to taking good photos by amateurs.

The Pitlochry Tartan Highland Fashion Fling on You Tube :-




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