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Sea Eagle Sightings in Perthshire

For the last 6 years sea eagle chicks, (collected from nest where there are two or more chicks in Norway), have been flown to Fife and released after seven weeks in captivity. This years chcks were release in the last few weeks.

buzzard-perthshire.jpgEach sea eagle chick in this project has a colour tag, the colour refects the year it was released. Each has a radio (VHF) transmitter with a battery life of five years. This allows the RSPB staff to track the eagles in Scotland this summer.

Interestingly if you look at their report (see link below) , there have been significant sightings in Perthshire. I was told verbally, here in Highland Perthshire that Loch Tay and Pitlochry have been hot spots.

Have you seen any of these young sea eagles in your travels in Perthshire?

Sea Eagle information, what to do if you see ione in Perthshire.

Young Sea Eagle being harrassed by a crow

This photo on the right is of a young sea eagle being harrased by a crow - Thanks to Karen Hartnell for sending us the image.  

To read the excellent East of Scotland Sea Eagle Summer 2012 newsletter, with maps and information on sightings and other interesting facts.

The leaflet "What to do if you spot a Sea Eagle" is well worth a read.

Also worth looking at is "How to tell the difference between a Buzzard, Golden Eagle and White-tailes Eagle or Sea Eagle" This information sheet provides pictures of the different birds, their open wing spans, so you know what to look out for when they are flying.

Finally an interview of You Tube with Meriem Kayoucheche of the RSPB advising how to spot White tailed eagels or Fish eagles. (4mins 28 secs). 

Final thought.

Sea Eagles are big for Tourism on the Isle of Mull, will the same happen in Highland Perthshire? I understand it takes five or six years before a yound eagle matures enough to breed. It would be great to have a nest here in Highland Perthshire.

If any spots a Sea Eagle in Highland Perthshire please let us know, better still get a photo and totally wishful thinking a sea eagle nest, we cxan all observe a long way off as on the Isle of Mull.

Young Sea Eagle in flight young-sea-eagle-flight0.JPG

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