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Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2016 Summer Plays Announced

Pitlochry Festival Theatre 2016 Shows announced.

"Stay 6 days and see 7 plays"

Pitlochry-Theatre-Summer-Season-2016.jpgI was privileged to be invited to Pitlochry Theatre to be told about the 2016 Summer Season Shows with a difference:-

  • The FIRST time there will be 7 summer shows.
  • The FIRST time there will a Rodgers and Hammerstein Show - described as the "Greatest musical of the 20th Century" by Time Magazine.
  • The FIRST time there will be three Alan Ayckbourn plays around the theme "Damsels in Distress"
  • The FIRST time you will be able to see 3 plays in one day.
  • "ALL seven plays are about decisions and consequences"

ALSO a fantastic offer:-

  • IF you book all 7 shows by Friday 29th January - you will have one free show and a free dinner at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.
  • IF you book all 6 shows by Friday 29th January - you will have one free show.
  • LOOK OUT for a total of seven ticket offers (plus many concessions!) contained in the PFT Season launch brochure - that will have dropped on doormats this week (Thurs 3rd or Fri 4th December).Flat-Spin.jpg

Game-Plan.jpgThe other important facts that you might like to know about the Alan Ayckbourn plays:-

  • There will be 2 special trilogy days in September and October, when you can see all three in one day.
  • The same 7 actors will take part in all three plays, playing totally different an unrelated characters in each play.
  • There is no particular order you need to watch the plays in.
  • The plays are described as "Sharp, funny and having a contemporary feel" by John Durnin, Chief Executive and Artistic Director at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.Role-Play.jpg

The other three plays are:-

  • Noel Coward's "This Happy Breed" written in 1939 - covering period between the end of the 1st World War and the start of the 2nd. The story of one family, involves twelve actors, portraying the family as it ages in front of your eyes over the 20 years.
  • Thark - Thark is a farce by the English playwright Ben Travers. This will be second ever production of Clive Francis on reworked Ben Travers' Thark. The story concerns a reputedly haunted English country house. Investigators and frightened occupants of the house spend a tense night searching for the ghost.
  • Hard Times -by Charles Dickens, first published in 1854. "Wonderfully uplifting but with its dark moments on the way" set in the fictitious Victorian industrial Coketown, a generic Northern English mill-town, in some ways similar to Manchester, though smaller.Thark

Groups - IF you are a group of 8+ let the theatre know when you book, the booking office will advise on groups discounts, and other benefits including 20% off your groups transport costs.Travel - you can travel to Pitlochry by train from anywhere in the UK in one day! Pitlochry train station is right in the centre of the town on the main Perth to Inverness rail line.

Hard-TimesHotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Self-catering providers - contact Giles at Pitlochry Festival Theatre and he will provide images and support to help you mail this out to your customer database, to fill your rooms and help bring more guests to Pitlochry Theatre.

"A Win Win situation as I see it! Locals do not need a bed to sleep in, BUT bed providers need events to draw visitors to the area and fill their beds - what better than our fantastic local theatre and all its plays."

James Rattray.

Winter Festival and Scottish Crannog Centre at Kenmore, Aberfeldy

Highland Perthshire Winter Festival

The first three or four months of each year are notoriously quiet from a tourism point of view all over Scotland. Highland Perthshire is no different, but we are seeing one or two initiatives to put on events and activities on at this time of the year.

  Pitlochry Theatre's Winter Words Festival, started the ball rolling 7 years ago. This runs for ten days at the end of January in to February each year. We went to a couple of events this year, one about Wolves being reintroduced in to Scotland and the second about mapping and the Ordinance Survey, both were excellent.

 The Pitlochry Lighting Committee installed Winter Lights as opposed to the traditional Christmas Lights. These were switched on in October at the start of the Enchanted Forest 17 days and will be left on until the end of February (is my understanding).

 Now Kenmore at the end of Loch Tay, near Aberfeldy is inaugurating a Winter Week running from Wednesday 16th February to Sunday 27th February. Daily cruises on Loch Tay, Scottish Crannog Tours, music, woodworking workshops, story telling, chocolate making to name a few. This event is cleverly positioned during the children's school half term holidays. Speaking to Barrie Andrian of the Scottish Crannog Centre, the master mind behind the whole event, she is hoping longer term the Winter Week will spread across the whole of Highland Perthshire.

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