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Highland Perthshire web survey

A Year on a survey of Highland Perthshire's web site's members.

 web-survey-discussion.jpgHighland Perthshire web site is given the thumbs up by its members. The web site was developed as a result of cooperation of twenty six tourism businesses from across Highland Perthshire. These businesses formulated the web site specification and a Business Cooperation Agreement, a year on over 80% of it site members rated it as either 'Good' or 'Excellent'.

 When asked how well compared to other tourist web sites 78.5% of the members, rated the web site as either 'Good' or 'Excellent'. With regards to 'Value for money' 82.6% rating the site 'Good' or 'Excellent', with 52.2% rating it 'Excellent'.

 Members comments include;

"It's simple to navigate, attractive layout; easy to absorb information; up to date."

"Very well thought out, every aspect covered that the visitor may wish to know coming to the area."

A truly professional site, well geared and attractive to look at."

 A year on has over 300 pages of information; it has a Trip Planner, allowing visitors to plan their trip as well as a language translator, Google Maps and a comprehensive Events Diary.

 What makes the web site so different is that businesses agree to promote each other, by taking feeds from in a style to suit their own web sites.

 web-survey-escape-route.jpgJames Rattray based in Killiecrankie, who co-ordinated the initiative and manages on a day to day basis said, "It is a great achievement that a after we set out to a create a very different web site for Highland Perthshire, with all the risks this involved, it has all come together and worked. The fact that members actively promote each other on their web sites, makes the whole concept very different. As you can imagine a business cooperation web such as this is fraught with dangers." He continued "A year on, we find very high levels of satisfaction amongst the members and importantly the cooperation agreements have stood the test of one years operation."

 Kevin Grant of Escape Route, the Bike Shop in Pitlochry said, "As one of the founding members, it is very satisfying to see that fellow members of rate the site so highly a year on. A lot of time, effort and care went in to creating It is very satisfying to see how it has stood the tests of going live and functioning on a day to day basis."  He continued, "It is great that we are seeing a steady stream of new businesses joining the web site, the more businesses involved the better it is for the whole of Highland Perthshire."

 Part of the project costs have been supported by Perth & Kinross Council via the `Developing Rural Tourism Project`, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The project supports new initiatives and encourages businesses to work together to improve the quality of the visitor experience and increase visitor numbers.

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