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Local support needed for the Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest Looks to Local Business for Support

 The Enchanted Forest, the multi-award winning Perthshire Big Tree Country event, which this year attracted over 26,000 visitors to the Highland Perthshire area, is calling on the local business community to get behind it with a bold and unprecedented move to raise £40,000 of private funding from the businesses that the event directly benefits.

 In recent years The Enchanted Forest, which is set to return to nearby Faskally Wood for its 10th anniversary show in 2012, has successfully transitioned from being run by public sector agencies, to being run by a not for profit Community Interest Company.

 However with public funding hard to come by, and ever increasing costs of running the event, the Community Interest Company Directors are asking the hundreds of local businesses who directly benefit from the event to help provide the financial backing needed to ensure The Enchanted Forest's ongoing economic input to the area.

 Eddie Thomson, chair of the Highland Perthshire Area Community Interest Company commented

"This has been a tremendous year for the event, winning four major awards and attracting over 26,000 visitors to the area and we're really very keen for that success to continue into 2012. Over half of The Enchanted Forest customers stay overnight in the area and with increased numbers attending, the overall economic impact of the event is now estimated to be in the region of £1.5million benefit to the local economy."enchanted-forest-support2.jpg

 "In our most recent feedback survey we asked our customers to tell us which businesses they spent money with while in the area and well over 250 businesses were mentioned by name, ranging from restaurants to take aways, from hotels to retail shops. If each of those businesses were to pledge just £160 then we would have the necessary capital we need to continue to run the event. It's not much to ask when you consider the sheer extent of the economic impact of the event is almost 10,000 times that much per business - that's an exceptional return on investment."

 Businesses are being invited to attend an open meeting at Fishers Hotel, Pitlochry at 7pm on Tuesday 20th December, 2011 where there will be an open and public discussion around the future of The Enchanted Forest and how they can play an active role in ensuring its success continues.

 To register attendance at this meeting, contact Eddie Thomson, Chairman of the Highland Perthshire Area Community Interest Company by email on 

 The Enchanted Forest was founded in 2003 and this year has acquired a string of accolades including the Event Management Grand Prix at the Scottish Event Awards, Best Cultural Event, Event of the Year at the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Business Star Awards and the Community Award at the Perthshire Big Tree Country Awards.

Enchanted Forest 2011

orb-in-the-forest.jpgI went to the Enchanted Forest Press Night last night and saw this years show - if you have been to previous years show, my advice, is go with a completely blank canvas. By this I mean, do not go expect to see what you saw in previous shows - each year it is very different and you will be disappointed if you are looking for things from previous shows.

Having given you a word of warning, in my opinion this year it is EXCELLENT, it is not just me saying this, but I ran in to a past Enchanted Forest Chairman (2007 to 2009), he used words like "They have nailed it." "I really like what they have done". "It was truly superb!" He knows, as he has been to all 9 Enchanted Forests.

Location - this year it is in a very different venue, there is no registration in the centre of Pitlochry. You park in Pitlochry and can walk (allow 15mins) or catch a Yules Bus (£1), from outside Fishers Hotel, which will drop you right at the Enchanted Forest entrance.

The new venue which gives it a totally different feel. For the last 5 years it has been at Faskally Woods around Loch Dunmore which is all relatively flat. This year's site does not have any water, but it does have some height. The Paths are excellent, there is a very good affordable snack catering facility on site, if you fancy a coffee or hot chocolate when you are there.

trees-in-forest.jpgWhat tips can I give? I think the real secret is take your time going round, (unlike other years) you can go round which direction you fancy. There is an arrow pointing one way round, but you do not have to go that way. Better still (if you have the time, go one way round and back round the other way (with your cup of hot chocolate), this will give you a totally different perspective, (there is no time limit for being in the forest). The other key thing to be aware of, is the time it takes for the full display of music and lights at various points in the forest. I am told each takes around 9 to 10 minutes to run through.

The catering in the Enchanted Forest is by Fayre and Square from Gandtully - You will find it very reasonably priced Venison and Steak Burgers £3.50, Giant Hot Dog £3.50, - Vegi Burger £2.50, - 6 mini doughnuts £2,  - Soup, Tea, Coffee £2, - all soft drinks £1 etc

My suggestion is, as you go round, find good viewing spots and wait there for 10 minutes before moving on, listen to the music and watch the light show. So find a spot at the bottom of the valley, maybe half-way up, and at the Pagoda (Building) at the top of the valley and make sure you stop and see the whole sequence of lights from within the Pagoda too. Every spot you will see something different.

A couple of other tips I would give:-

  • The restaurants and pubs in Pitlochry are all geared up for providing meals for visitors to the Enchanted Forest (it does no harm to book yourself a table in advance).
  • Various businesses in Pitlochry are putting things on in support of the Enchanted Forest (I am in the process of pulling these together as they advise me what is going on. I will add them to the Enchanted Forest site page).
  • I am also putting together a wee You Tube Video, aimed at encouraging people to get the most out of their trip to the Enchanted Forest and Pitlochry - this will be added to the same page.
  • 22 businesses in Pitlochry are taking part in a 'free' treasure hunt for pumpkin clues - all you have to do is find a treasure hunt form, make sure you have a pen and take part - it is a good bit of fun, a great way to discover the town, especially if you have kids (adults also enjoy the treasure hunt from previous years feed back).

So the Enchanted Forest it is back with a totally differenent show, one to really savour - enjoy!




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