The Moulin Hotel

The Moulin Hotel

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The Moulin Hotel, Pitlochry

An evening view of the Moulin InnThe Moulin Hotel in the little hamlet of Moulin, just north of Pitlochry (approx. 1 mile north), stands at an ancient Scottish waypoint. Important routes from Strathtay to Strathardle and from Dunkeld to Donavourd both passed through Moulin. This meeting of routes has caused many people to visit or pass through Moulin during the last 1,000 years. In 903 AD, a Viking raid on Dunkeld culminated with the local Picts defeating the invaders in a battle just over Moulin Moor in Strathardle. In 1306, Robert the Bruce retreated through Moulin. In the 16th century, Mary Queen of Scots may have passed through Moulin heading for Blair Castle.

Another view of the bar area of the Moulin HotelThe Moulin Hotel embraces a warm and welcoming world of peace, tranquillity and traditional Scottish hospitality. Perfectly sited in the village square of Moulin, an ancient Scottish waypoint, the hotel sits peacefully just under a mile away from the bustling and perenially popular tourist town of Pitlochry.

The Moulin Hotel is often referred to as a romantic little, Inn style, Scottish hotel. It offers short breaks and city get away breaks in a popular area of Highland Scotland. The Moulin is a most worthy contender for that really special Scottish highland short break with a difference. The little brewery adds to the spice and charm and experiencing the lovely ales it produces is itself most worthy of a visit.

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