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4. Management

4.1 All members will be part of the management of the Group with decisions being taken after consulting all members.

 4.2 A general meeting can be called at any time by 25% or more of the membership.

 4.2 When needed a general meeting will be held where all members are invited. This will deal with issues concerning the Group as a whole and will also give everyone the opportunity to express their views on areas that interest them.

 4.3 Each member shall have one vote, (irrespective of the number of promotion blocks their business(es) is featured in). A vote may be given in person or by a proxy appointed in writing.

 4.4 Quorum - The quorum at General Meetings shall be the presence, or presentation by proxy, of at least one fifth of all members of the Group.

 5. Annual Reports.

The HP web portal controller will each year circulate by e-mail to the whole membership reports on the following topics to the membership:-

  • full membership list,
  • web traffic
  • Summary of overall membership 'Give Us Your Feed Back' information
  • HP Portal Controller's report on the site's operation.
  • Current HP Portal topical points for discussion.
  • Promotional block fees for the next 12 months.

The HP web portal controller's vision for future development of the HP Portal over the next 12 months, two years and three years ahead.

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