Failure to comply and challenging customer feed back

2.7 Failure to comply.

2.7a. If an existing member fails to meet any of the requirements laid out in section 2.1 at any time or fails to add additional non conflicting pages to their web site as and when they appear or fails to comply with any of the Group's requirements, the HP web portal controller will in the first instance phone and encourage compliance, this will be confirmed via e-mail. Two further phone calls and confirmation e-mails will be sent at one week intervals, if the failure to comply persists, culminating in the non complying business being removed from the HP Web Portal and all other areas the group uses for the benefit of Group members. Businesses will be reinstated as soon as they comply.

2.7b. Section 2.1c specifically refers to the overall quality standards of member's businesses. The customer 'Your Feed Back' information will be used to rate businesses, if more than 20% of a businesses 'Give Us Your Feed Back' over a specific period, be it a week or 10 Feed Backs, fall below 50% for Overall Satisfaction rating, the HP web portal controller will speak to the business concerned to get their comments prior to referring it to the HP Tourism Cooperative Quality panel (see 2.6b.i. below). In such a case occurs, a business will be suspended from the HP Tourism Cooperative Group, until it had satisfied the HP Tourism Cooperative Quality Panel that it had rectified the problems. There will be no refund of fees for any period of suspension or remaining period membership fees apply for.

2.7b.i. Each year one business from each sector will be nominated to represent their sector on the HP Tourism Cooperative Quality Panel. This panel is responsible for monitoring quality standards of the group's members in particular with section 2.7b above. The sectors which will have a nominated representative will be:-
• Accommodation (Hotels, Guest Houses, B&Bs, Self catering etc)
• Retail (Shops in and out of Town locations)
• Things to Do (Attractions and Out Doors)
• Eating Out  (Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Take Aways etc)

2.8 Challenge to  a 'Your Feedback' comments form by site members or members of the public.
2.8.i As 'Your Feedback' forms are submitted, the site administrator will e-mail the forms directly to site members.
2.8.ii Site members may challenge a 'Your Feedback' form for their business at any time.
2.8.ii.a If the e-mail address is not a proper e-mail address the feed back form will be removed without question, as soon as the administrator is made aware of this.
2.8.ii.b If a member or member of the public believes for any reason any submissions is not from a genuine customer - in the first instance it will be brought to the attention of  the Web Administrator who will, contact the person who submitted the form via the e-mail particulars supplied. If there is not response in 14 days (2weeks - to allow for holiday travel), the form will be removed. If there is a response details of when they stayed etc will be established, this will be given to the business owner.
2.8.ii.c If the site member continues to challenge the validity of the submission it will be refered to the HP Tourism Cooperative Quality Panel (see 2.7b.i above) - their decision will be final.

2.9 Change of business ownership - continued membership will not be guaranteed with change of ownership of a business, but will be reassessed within 12 months from the time the business changes hands.

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