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How to use the Highland Perthshire web site, its functions explained, in simple easy to read sketches.


'Your Trip' Basket

Add items to 'Your Trip' basket:-

  1. Click on 'Add to Trip' buttons.
  2. Fill 'Your Trip' Basket
  3. View 'Your Trip' with map locations.
  4. Print Off PLUS E-mail to a friends




'Search' or 'Find' by:-

  • Facility type
  • Choose the location
  • By key word within any of the text




Google 'Map' Search:-

  1. Go to 'MAP' page
  2. Identify your search area - from 'Town'  drop down.
  3. Select your 'Facility' choice from drop down.
  4. Click 'Search' - all the facilities of that type will appear on the map.
  5. Click the icon on the map - to the facility name with link to the full information.




Teaser Offer text

  • Easy to read offers
  • Updated by the businesses themselves
  • Customer Ratings
  • Click through to see  offer.










Detailed Offer Pages

  • Updated by the Businesses themselves (when ever they have anything to say)
  • Google 'Map' Location
  • Image 'Gallery' with viewer
  • Your 'Feedback' - leave your feedback once you have used the facilities on offer. Help others to make choices.

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Your Trip

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